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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brief Rant

I have noticeably refrained from issuing any commentary on the new translation of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal, which took effect this past Sunday in most of the English-speaking world.  I am only posting this because several people have commented on my absence from the debates.

To be honest, at this stage the question is moot.  The new translation is in effect.  It is law.  Deal with it.  

It will take time to get used to it.  It will involve more catechesis than what seems to have been done in most parishes I've had contact with.  And it will require us all to open our minds a bit.

But if our hearts and minds are open to the new texts, we may be surprised that--even in the midst of complicated syntax and unfamiliar terms--we just might find ourselves paying attention to the deep, beautiful theology contained in the prayers of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  And even if it becomes commonplace and compels us to relapse after a few weeks into the state of auto-pilot that most Catholics tend to slip into, then at least for a short time we may be given a little food for thought.

Nit-picky and whiny so-called progressives, ignorant secular pundits (that means you, HuffPo writers!!!), and the like have their place in the debate.  But they won't be happy until the Church conforms to their own, individual tastes and ideologies.  So it's really not worth the effort even to listen to them.  

The bottom line is so simple: let the Church be Catholic.  If you're into that, welcome aboard!  If you're not, leave the rest of us alone--we just want to worship God in peace and quiet with words that are dignified, accurately-translated, and firmly based in solid Catholic theology.  That shouldn't be so much to ask!

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  1. AMEN!!!! Father it is about time we have a priest in the area who expresses what it is to be "Catholic" with a capital C not a lower case one. I wish again to thank you for your reverent celebration of the Eucharist on Christmass Night at 12am. I was the one who spoke with you following the mass and said that I was the former assitant Organist and Choir Master at The Parish of Saint Peters in Steubenville. I hope your Christmass is going well and hope that the Lord will continue to Bless you in the Coming New Year. If you are still in need of an organist/choirmaster you can email me at and at that time I will send you my resume and contact information. DEO GRATIS there are priest in this nation who celebrate mass and not just preside. AMEN. May God continue to Bless you and Mary keep you. Yours in the King who is to come and judge all men, Mr.Joshua Anthony Pietrowski.