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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Assumption of Our Lady (revisited)

In case the previous post didn't satisfy your appetite for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, here's a money quote attributed to someone claiming to be St. Jerome:
“Today is the festivity upon which the Virgin Mary, in glory and rejoicing, came to the heavenly bridal chamber, a festivity beyond comparison with all the feasts of the other saints, wondered at even by the powers of Heaven, as the blessed Mary herself is beyond all comparison with other holy Virgins. Wherefore, in the person of the citizens of Heaven, the Holy Spirit wondering at her Assumption sayeth in the Canticles, ‘Who is she that goeth up by the desert, as a pillar of smoke of aromatical spices? ’ And well is she compared to a pillar of smoke, because she is graceful and delicate, being made fine by godly discipline, and burnt within unto a holocaust by the fire of holy love, and the desire of charity. ‘As a pillar of smoke of aromatical spices,’ doubtless because she was filled with many good scents of the virtues; a most sweet scent came forth from her even unto the angelic spirits. The Mother of God ascended from the desert of this world, a rod once risen out of the root of Jesse; but the souls of the elect wondered for their joy, who this might be, that in her virtues outstripped even the dignity of the Angels’ merits.
This quote is part of an excellent piece written by my good, long-time friend Gregory DiPippo, who is the Rome correspondent for The New Liturgical Movement.  

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  1. Nimis honorati sunt amici tui. I hope the mountains are treating you well.