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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Thought-Provoking Articles Every Catholic Should Read

I submit for my readers' consideration two articles which are both hard-hitting and thought-provoking.  Links to them will also be found on my Twitter account.  I will not, however, link directly to them on Facebook, as I have found that Facebook tends to become an immoderate forum for sniping and unreasoned judgment....and I just don't have the time to deal with some of my FB "friends" who may be hostile to the premises of these articles.  

The first is entitled "Church, Sex, and Society," by Jim Mahoney:

In the course of 200 years, the Revolution learned that murder makes martyrs.  Today, the Revolution mounts its final assault.  It no longer needs to shoot priests on the altar or march them to the scaffold.  It can simply force the congregation to pay for its own destruction.

The second is entitled "Why Fight Same-Sex Marriage" by Douglas Farrow:

By excising sexual difference, with its generative power, it deprives itself of any direct connection to nature. The unit it creates rests on human choice, as does that created by marriage. But whether monogamous, polygamous, or polyamorous, it is a closed unit that reduces to human choice, rather than engaging choice with nature; and its lack of a generative dimension means that it cannot be construed as a fundamental building block.

As I have warned, these two articles are for people who think and reason, and who are not driven by secularist or political ideology.

Comments will be moderated, and abusive attacks will not be published.  Above all, I ask that everyone who reads these pieces commit to reading them in their entirety, and to reacting in all charity.

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