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Monday, February 20, 2012

New Monastic Foundation - HIGHLY Recommended

Today, the New Liturgical Movement posted an interview with Dom Aidan, prior of the Monastere Saint-Benoit in La Garde-Freinet, France.  Personally, I am privileged to say that I am a friend and supporter of the community.  These monks are truly deserving of all our prayers and--for those who are able--financial support.  Here's a snippet from the Prior's interview:

Our monastery’s origins lie in our longstanding desire to live the monastic life in accordance with the Rule of Saint Benedict. Some of us were previously formed and professed as Benedictine monks but found ourselves frustrated in living out our vocation by circumstances beyond our control. Others, too, experienced this difficulty but still wished to be monks. The resultant time away from the monastic life, painful though it was, concentrated our desire to live the traditional monastic life and each day to live its natural harmony with the classical liturgical rites and monastic office. Through circumstances that were truly Providential we were able to express this desire to Bishop Rey.

The full interview is here.  Take a look.  These monks truly understand what it means to live the monastic vocation.

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