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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We need Jesus! There's no doubt about that!

Fr. Ray Blake, of the appropriately-named Fr. Ray Blake's Blog, has submitted the following observations about the current riot scene in London.  A poignant assessment indeed:

The answer is Jesus but what is the question?

Riots? They happen.

They happen, especially in August, or at least the summer when there are a large number of bored students and school children are on holiday, and when a large number of the police are on the Costas or wherever, along with Prime Ministers, Ministers and Mayors, and everyone else.
It happens in Los Angeles, Paris or Oldham, the amazing thing is it doesn't happen more often. Society is fragile, it only takes one mad Norwegian to kill a hundred innocent people.
Perhaps when the Police are threatened with financial cuts and morale is low there is a hesitation in taking immediate action.

The Pundits are out in vast numbers, and what they say is interesting, for the most part, it is, "Something must be done!" There seems to be a consensus that people are "alienated", that society is "fragmented". I suspect the same thing was said during the Gordon Riots (which actually happened in June but still summertime). There is a sense of dissatisfaction with with where society has gone - they seem to be saying we need Christian values and proper families.

I don't think we have an answer, except the normal Catholic one which is always: Jesus! The problem is what is the question?
Our prayers are most certainly with all Englishmen as they endure this civil unrest.  (And for some reason, Blogger is refusing to let me type in anything other than bold-face.  Guess it's going to be one of those days!)

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