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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hymn to St. Lawrence

S. Lawrence, deacon & martyr
The following hymn was the proper hymn for Lauds (Morning Prayer) this morning.  Truly one of the gems of the musical patrimony of the Church:

When Lawrence was led out to die,
Love made him prodigal of life,
No armor would he use but faith
Against the persecutor’s strife.

The first of seven chosen men
Selected at the Pope’s behest,
A deacon’s office to fulfil,
In virtue he surpassed the rest.

He was a leader in the fight,
Although no sword hung by his side,
And with a smile in face of death,
He could the torturer deride.

We praise your triumph here on earth,
So, holy Lawrence, lend your aid,
May each of us your favor feel,
Receiving grace for which we prayed.

For all the care with which you served
And loved the city’s poor in Rome,
What luster must enhance your crown
For ever in the Father’s home!

To Father, Son, and Spirit too,
Be honor, homage and renown,
Who will reward your prayers for us
By granting an eternal crown. Amen.

(In martyris Laurentii, translation by the Benedictines of St. Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde, UK)

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