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Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4: St. John-Marie Vianney

This quote was posted on Facebook by a priest-friend of mine in Milwaukee, and it says SO much:
‎"All Good Works together are not of equal value with the sacrifice of the Mass, because they are the works of men, and the holy Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is nothing in comparison; it is the sacrifice that man makes of his life to God; the Mass is the sacrifice that God makes to man of His Body and of His Blood." - St. John Mary Vianney
St. John-Marie Vianney is, by far, one of the greatest saints of the past 300 years, and is the patron saint of parish priests.  The exceptional example of his life is something that should be emulated by all parish priests--a life of humble simplicity, a life of true and perfect devotion, a life of uncompromising evangelization and unwavering conviction!!!  In any age, if the Church had but 100 John Vianneys, we could change the world!  I'm convinced of it! 

To read more about St. John Vianney, check out Catholic Encyclopedia's article or read this fascinating and poetic book by Fr. George Rutler, The Cure d'Ars Today: St. John Vianney.

Make sure to thank your parish priest for all he does. Believe's more than you probably realize!

St. John-Marie Vianney, PRAY FOR US!